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Seat posts

 The seat posts job seems pretty straight forward....hold the seat.  A vast majority of posts are round so that aspect is tough to mess with.  There have been efforts to make the post stronger by putting ribs inside or ovalized the inside dimension to put more material front-to-back.  Most of the experimentation has been in the head designs.  Check out the galleries below to see some of the designs that made it to market.  Eventually, we will have quite a few models listed so we have broken it down into three sections: Posts from A-CPosts from D-M and Posts from N-Z.  There is also a separate gallery for seat post parts and accessories.


The slideshow below contains posts from A-C

Includes: Cook Bros.




The slideshow below contains posts from D-M

Includes: IRD

The slideshow below contains posts from N-Z

Includes: Tamer



The slideshow below contains seat post parts and accessories